Do Aim Motors offer new cars? New cars are pre-order only and all cars have been quality checked. Do you offer car history checks? All our cars go through comprehensive, thorough checks -- called HPI (Hire Purchase Investigation). This is to ensure that the car you want to buy isn't financed elsewhere already, hasn't been written off from an insurance claim or been badly damaged. Are the prices negotiable? Most of our cars' prices are already set according to the Auto-trader pricing standards. However, we may be flexible on price sometimes, depending on the circumstances. Why has the List price of a car changed? We regularly review the market and update the prices of our cars based on market values -- so our customers are offered the best prices. Do your cars come with a service history? All cars will be serviced if required. Do you sell cars that have previously been used for business or commercial use? Our cars may have been privately owned or bought from a business. All will have comprehensive checks.


Will I be given a time slot? Yes, you'll be able to book a convenient time slot after booking. Will you charge me for my delivery? Delivery charges may vary depending on the customer's location. What days of the week do Aim Motors deliver cars? We deliver at a pre-agreed time and 7 days a week, including bank holidays. Yep, even bank holidays. Where do aim drivers deliver to? We offer home delivery everywhere in the UK.

Finance services

What finance plans do you offer? See all finance options here How do I apply for finance? You simply do this on our website as you're taken through the buying journey. link How long do I need to wait for a financing decision? Most of the time, you'll get an instant decision. Some applications may take slightly longer -- to make sure we're giving you the best offer. Can I settle early? and is there a charge? You'll need to contact the lender directly to discuss your options. when's my first payment taken? Please refer to your credit agreement or speak to your lender as they'll have the details. Totally depending on the finance company Can I change my direct debit details? Please contact your lender directly as they can help with this.

Part Exchange/ Sell My Car?

How do I know I'm getting a good price for my part exchange? At Aim Motors, we'll always give you a fair trade valuation. When will my part exchange be collected? We'll take away your part-exchange car when your new car's delivered. Can I sell my car to Aim Motors without buying one? Yes, We do buy cars for cash. Can I part-exchange more than one car? Yes, we're always happy to assist our customers. I owe finance on my car, will Aim still buy it? Yes, we'll happy to discuss My car has a private number plate and I want to keep it. What is the process? You'll need to place your plate on retention and have a new number issued to the car. Do I need to contact the DVLA to cancel my road tax or Aim can do that? Yes, we'll handle this after the change of registration.

Registration/ After Care

Can I add my personal number plate to the car before it's delivered? Yes, you'll provide us with the plate, and we'll attach it for you. What warranty is included? Click here for more info

Tax, Insurance and Maintenance

Will the car be taxed? We'll help you tax the car. Will the Car have a valid MOT on time of delivery? Yes, all cars will be delivered with a long MOT.

Get In Touch

How can I contact Aim Motors? By phone, email, post, WhatsApp and SMS -- you'll find more details here. We're always happy to chat and advice on anything car related. What are your opening hours? Monday to Sunday from 9am to 6pm. Yes, even on Sundays. What's your Office Address? 8 Bankhead Crossway South, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH11 4EP Is there a number I can call? Yes, sure, here it's: 07886 664624 How my personal data be used and stored? Rest assured, your privacy is very important to us. All personal data will be used and stored securely as detailed within our privacy policy. Can I give feedback on my experience with Aim Motors? Yes, we love getting feedback. Please tell us what we're doing right, wrong or how we can improve things.